[Ron on bike]

Photos of our home and family

Philipines  28 November 2017-28 February 2018

Morocco and Spain  January-March 2017

Japan  December 2015-February 2016

New Zealand, Fiji  January-February 2015

Portugal, Southeastern Africa  Fall 2013

Dominican Republic, Haiti  Winter 2013

Rome, Croatia, Montenegro  Fall 2012

Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei  Winter 2012

Indonesia  Winter 2010-2011

Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan  Fall 2009

Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Brazil:  Fall 2008-Winter 2009

Russia:  Summer 2007

Mexico and Central America:  Fall 2006-Winter 2007

Ethiopia, Djibouti, Eritrea:  Winter 2006

France:  Fall 2005

Malta:  Winter 2005

Bali, Burma, and Cambodia:  Fall 2003

Denmark, Prague, Ukraine:  Summer 2002

Short trips: US and Canada:  Fall 2001

Mexico:  June 2001

Hungary, Croatia, Czech and Slovak Republics:  Fall 2000

Rumania, Turkey, Georgia:  Fall 1999

China and Vietnam:  Fall 1997

Travels with Ron (and sometimes Ellen)

[Ellen on bike]

Our Web pages describe our travels to various parts of the world.

Each link in the menu on the left describes a particular trip, and there is also a link for home and family photos so you can see where we are when we aren't traveling.

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